How to update Malwarebytes offline

Update Malwarebytes OfflineSo you may ask why do we need to update Malwarebytes offline?

Having had to deal with ransomware infections I thought this might be a useful post, it seems that the threat of ransomware is very much on the rise. Being able to update Malwarebytes offline is a really big help for scanning devices in quarantine.

Ransomware will keep spreading while it has an internet connection. I have also noticed the most recent outbreaks have not been detected by any anti-virus software. You soon find out that you have been infected when you can no longer open or find the files you once had. Ransomware now will rename and encrypted these files for you.

So my advice would be to remove the device from your home or corporate network straight away. I would highly recommend this procedure is also be taken when a virus has been detected.

Once you have done that you will need to download the latest version of Malwarebytes and the updated rules database on a known clean machine.

  1. Download Malwarebytes Install
  2. Download Offline Updater – MBAM Rules

Copy the two files to a USB key and transfer to the infected device. Install Malwarebytes and then extract the mbam-rules-YYYY.MM.DD.zip file, once extracted open the folder and drill down until you see the mbam2-rules.exe. Right-click on the file and select Run As Administrator to install the updated rules.

Now open Malwarebytes and you should see that the database version has now been updated to the most recent version you have downloaded. Hit the Scan Now button!

Mike Keats

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